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iam8bit Studio Tour

21 Mar


AIGA Los Angeles hosted a studio tour at iam8bit’s studio in Los Angeles. The outside of the studio looks like a pop up shop and gallery. Their creative abilities do not lie just with clients, but also self-initiated projects and brand entities. A couple of their brand entities include “Most Awesome Party” (a multimedia tentpole collaging television, books, and a web platform together), “Pixel Shifters: (a sci-fi/comedy web series including merchandise and marketing drive), and Nerdcore (indie publishing label). It is a small shop run by Jon Gibson and Amanda White. iam8bit is a creative production company, who are multi-talented whether it be in television productions, creating experiences, shaping ideas, and manufacturing tangibles, and telling stories.

iam8bit has a lot of events that happen throughout the year such as a galleries, pop up stores, and parties at their own studio. Everything they do make them unique.

Be sure to check them out at www.iam8bit.com, follow them on twitter @iam8bit or Facebook.


I Bid Farewell to Professional Series

30 Nov

AIGA Los Angeles had an amazing year with Professional Series. I had a wonderful year being able to produce the series. As a Event Producer, you spend a lot of time talking to all the speakers to get ready for a single event hoping that it goes well and gets the audience to learn something new or even just to broaden your knowledge on a specific topics. AIGA Los Angeles ended the series on November 13, 2012.

All of the speakers brought valuable information to the table to each of the events. The series ended with Margo Chase and Chris Lowery from Chase Design Group. The last event was titled Beauty + the Beast: Balancing Creativity + Business, which told the story of how Chase Design Group has grown over the years and what each of them brings to the business. Margo and Chase are a unique pairing, which makes their business more successful and being able to expand an additional office in New York.

To get an idea of the rest of the year, June we had creatives from In-House Design creative teams from FOX, ABC, and NBC to talk about the experiences of In-House Design. Audiences had the chance to listen to riCardo Crespo (FOX), Pash (ABC), and Michael Hathway (NBC). I must say all of these creatives were quite entertaining and it is a a very fast paced environment for the entertainment industry. Michael Lejeune from Metro moderated the event and also shed some light to Metro’s Creative Team.

March was on The Importance of Studio Culture & Identity with Armen David (Starmen), Braven Greenelsh (La Visual), Candice Brokenshire (Red Barn Coaching), and Michael Stinson (Ramp Creative + Design). Studio Culture and Identity is important when you apply for jobs, since you want to be sure that you can fit with the agency or studio that you are at.

January kicked off the series with The Business of Design in 2012 with Juan Rosenfelt (nuvo TV), Chris Do (Bl:ND, Bryan Neff (Innovation Protocol), Scott Meisse (ferroconcrete), and Wendy Thai (ferroconcrete). This particular topic brought us ideas on how to business of design would be in 2012 and how to make the most for the coming year.

All the topics were very compelling and great to hear from the wonderful panel that we have had the chance to bring on from local studios or in-house creatives. All of the panelists were Creative Directors or higher in the business. 2013 brings in another event that I get to produce, which is Blueprint. I hope it is just as successful as Professional Series.

Eike König Skype Chat

9 Sep

As technology has advanced, we are able to interact with people on a whole new level. I spent a 1.5 hour chat at The Art Institute of California- Hollywood chatting with Eike König from Hort about his career. He has a lot of knowledge and experience that I found to be astounding and real life experiences. Eike has Bauhaus roots and was interested in finding in his own way in design.

Some of his experience has come from Disney, Nike, Microsoft, and Xbox, One of his greatest challenges was a campaign from Disney that was going to be internationally seen. As he was working he found that there was a language barrier since some English words do not mean the same from a European background so sometimes there were moments where he misunderstood.

He also talked about the challenges of integrating many cultures for a single campaign.

1. It is quite challenging

2. Possibilities of it being anywhere

3. Melting Cultures

At HORT Eike has an After School program specially for young designers. He encourages them to “find ways to leave your comfort zone,” invites them to try something new, and reminds them that is okay to fail. I think as designers, we can often forget the importance that it is okay to fail since we can set the bar so high to succeed.

An idea is only the beginning and our opportunities are immense. Eike visualizes his idea first and inspired by anything, nothing, or others.

London Design Now is about aesthetics and less about content.

I have learned a lot about Eike König and was very impressed by his experience. I suggest you check out HORT and see what they have done.