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Adobe Muse: No Code Required

29 May

May 14, 2012 at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, AIGA LA and Adobe sponsored a live tutorial of one of Adobe’s newest pieces of software: Muse. Adobe Muse can be used for a lot of different capacities such as Wire Frames, website creation, hosting, and publishing. It is the first program where you can build a website and not even code a thing. Adobe updates will be more frequent then other Adobe Products and will evolve as time goes by.

Functions of Adobe Muse:

  • Wire Frames
  • Website Building
  • Hosting
  • Publishing
  • Light Boxes
  • Hierarchy of Pages
  • Different Modes to View Pages


These are only a few of the capabilities of Muse. It seems like it would be beneficial to any Graphic Designer who is not coding savvy and only does a few websites throughout the year.

Adobe Muse can be purchased for a yearly monthly rate or just on a month to month basis. If you publish from Adobe Muse, you will not loose your website for not using Muse.

Perk: Sunday Brunch with Debbie Millman

21 May

It is a rare opportunity to get meet well-known designers so I jumped at the chance when I found out that Debbie Millman on Mother’s Day. I have met her previously, at an another AIGA LA event last year, however, this time it was limited to only 12 lucky folks. Debbie Millman brought some great insight to the discussion. I found her very inspiring after being able to listen to the discussion and I have always enjoyed listening to her Design Matters.

Some Tips from Debbie Millman:

1. Always have a contract no matter who it is you are working for if consulting on design work

2. Have a deposit of payment before starting work and a payment at delivery

3. Get a good lawyer for contracts and copywriting

As much as Debbie gave us great advice, we got to learn more about her. She always talked about things that is important her meaning she lived through it at some point in her career and/or life.

For the first ten years, Debbie was actively designing, editing, and painting. In 1993, she took a job in branding and it has stayed in her career ever since. She currently one of the partners and President of the Design Group at Sterling. She also does Design Matters and is the former AIGA National and AIGA New York  President. She has wrote several books such as “How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer”, “Brand Thinking and Other Noble Persuits”, “Brand Bible  The Complete Guide to Building, Designing, and Sustaining Brands”, and other books.

If you in the Chicago area, check out Debbie Millman’s Exhibit at Chicago Design Museum Opening June 11 and  Chicago Design Museum Presents Debbie Millman AIGA Chicago Co-sponsored lecture event on June 13.