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AIGA | LA Town Hall Meeting

12 Dec

For the first time in two years, AIGA | LA held a Town Hall Meeting. I am not talking about anything government related, but a gathering of AIGA Members who are a part of the Los Angeles Chapter. It is a time where your voice is heard and can make a difference. There were a ton of ideas brought to the table. The Town Hall Meeting was at Continuum in Long Beach, which was a fantastic place since I believe it let our creative juices flow. The Membership Team and Programming Team worked together to get everything done. The membership Team worked registration and the Programming Team gathered all the ideas being brought to the table and mingled amongst all the guests.

I am a part of Programming and Communications, which at first seemed a little daunting. For Programming, I help out at most events mostly with registration and Communications I was asked to do some tweeting and reporting for the AIGA |LA events.

I was at a table with Allison Bloss (Board Member of AIGA | LA) and Stan Evensen. The event was filmed so there is documentation of what happened at the event. Every person there was on camera stating their name and what they want to see be changed with AIGA. We got to hear from various board members about all the committees. Tamera from the Membership asked that we all help to get our professional memberships up to 500 and I do believe that is possible if every member  tried to get at least one member we exceed the goal given by the membership chair. Just in the month of November, we have 77 new members part of the Los Angeles Chapter, which I find to be amazing.

Jimmy Moss, President of AIGA Los Angeles, posed a few questions to get all the members thinking. How can I inspire, engage, facilitate, organize, build, edit, produce, etc. for Aiga Los Angeles? Since every chapter is built upon volunteers, it is up to us to be a part of something. If you have an idea that you would like to be heard, talk to a board member or talk to any of the committees about your ideas. It might mean that you would have to help out in planning the event or at least help get it started.

In my group, a few of the ideas put out there were:

  • Looking for more in house workshops
  • Micro groups that host 2-3 bigger events
  • Maybe doing membership surveys
  • Price guides and ethics guides for designers
  • Network for outreach for community growth.
  • Panels of non profits who need help and then have designers sign up to help.
  • Collaborate with other designers to be able to design for good.
  • More Speaker series
  • Making benefits more user friendly on the websites
  • I need to be visible
  • We want benefits
  • More professional events!
  • Embraced the merging designers.
  • AIGA LA mobile app.
  • Be part of something bigger.

Some of the questions posed:

  • How do we as designers give back to the community?
  • Do you prefer morning or evening events?
  • When did you join AIGA LA?
  • What does belonging to the AIGA mean to you?
  • How many events do you attend a year?
  • How can we improve your AIGA experience?

There were many more questions involved, but do not have the full list to name them all.

All lists are a compilation of @aigalosangeles and @janettejackson

Jimmy Moss: “We are AIGA LA. There is not ‘them’, it is ‘us’. “
If you want to be heard, I can supply people who will listen with comments coming from this post.