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Learning Social Media

12 Mar

I started integrating Social Media with myself in 2009 as a way to get myself out there in the design community. I taught myself how to work Twitter and LinkedIn. I started following Design Companies and people I knew in the Graphic Design Community. I also started to incorporate social media for AiPD AIGA and Factory, which I ran in 2010 until I graduated June.

In September 2010, I started interning for Toygaroo with the basic knowledge I had about social media. It may not have been a lot but it was enough to get by. I started engaging myself in research and came up with a strategy to build @Toygaroo’s Twitter. The main thing I learned is that “As long as you have something to say you can use Twitter” I soon found out that for a company there is more to it. You have to utilize Twitter in a more structured way. I built relationships off having conversations with mom bloggers. After I built these relationships, I strategized for more of business standpoint, which was not the easiest thing to accomplish at all. I started finding interesting articles that was relevant to the business or might be considered useful to a parent. As time went on we strategized on Twitter and decided that anyone working on social media should have their own voice. We started @JanetteToygaroo and @TaraToygaroo so the interns could start talking with everyone else as well.

Toygaroo’s Facebook Page was a whole different battle to tackle, as I have not had any experience working with Facebook for a company at all. I found that it is much more difficult than I ever planned on it being, Some questions I asked were “How do we get people to ‘Like’ us?,” “Why is this not working?,” and “What to engage our audience with?” This is not even a full list of unanswered questions. Guess What? I started to make sense of the Facebook Pages after doing some intense research.

Here are some Tips:

  1. Having a landing page is useful because you can engage with your new users and right off the bat know who you are. Some html experience is required.
  2. Start inviting people who you know and eventually word will be passed around about what you are doing
  3. Relevant information pertaining to your company or blog
  4. Don’t Give Up- I find this most important since it is easy to loose all hope if it is not working right away.
  5. Promote a Contest or Giveaway via Facebook

Social Media is a lot of trial and error and each person or company needs to figure out what will work for you or the company personally.


AIGA|LA Programming Meeting

12 Mar

AIGA is one group I will always support. It is a great community for designers and a great way to network.

I was a part of AIGA Portland helping out by volunteering. I am currently helping my own local chapter of AIGA|LA with the Programming Committee. I think it awesome to be a part of the planning for all the events going on in the Los Angeles Area. We are packed full of events and I think it will be a great year. It will be awesome to see new faces at AIGA|LA events.