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StimuLatte: Coffee and Conversation

20 Feb

Stimulatte: Coffee and Conversation is a neat event for students to mix and mingle about design. There were a few Graduates that came to the event but it is also a great night to be meeting a new set designers. Every month Stimulatte is hosted by another AIGA student group and Cal Poly Pomona hosted this Stimulatte at Intelligenstia Coffee and Tea. I find that it is a great place to meetup as it a good atmosphere for designers to mingle. I wish all the students luck in all their future endeavors.

GAUGE presents Rebeca Mendez

13 Feb

I went to California State University of Los Angeles for GAUGE present Rebeca Mendez. If you are curious, GAUGE is the student group at CSULA for AIGA. Rebeca Mendez is an inspiring designer who went from designing to teaching. She spent half her career designing and the other half teaching and taking on fine art projects. She attended Art Center and learned so much.

She now enjoys inspiring young designers to succeed and to make the best of their education.

Rebeca Mendez talks about “Design Amateurism,” she stated that the beginners mind is critical and that young designers need to be in love with their field. It is also important to be socially and politically conscious.

As a designer, we need to exercise our voice as Rebeca mentioned since it is important to not design something that you do not agree with or may go against a moral belief. This also means that a designer presents a project that we able to talk about it in a way that the client understands.

She talks a little bit about process when it comes to a piece of work. The process starts with collecting Data and with the data we collect information. With the information we get we need to inform people to bring knowledge. Once knowledge is obtained we acquire wisdom.

I must say, it was truly inspiring to hear Rebeca Mendez speak about design. She seemed so passionate to talk to young designers and giving them advice about the design world.

Tip to the young designers: When choosing imagery, make sure the image works and speaks to you that will make a difference in the way people look at. If you can, take your own photographs.

Identity and Redesign of my Website.

4 Feb

I cannot believe that just 7 months ago, I was getting ready to graduate. The three months leading up to the big day Graduation day was never once was easy. It was a lot of hard work considering I was taking 4 classes and running AiPD AIGA.

I went through a branding process and it is not an easy task. You really have to think of what defines you as a person and as a designer. I brainstormed my Personality Traits, Work Habits, Motivation/Philosophy, Strengths/Skills, and Professional Goals. It is not as easy as you might think, I had to sit there and really analyze myself as a person and as a designer. After that, I started to collect samples of colors I was attracted to so I could find who am I as a designer. I went through a lot of sketches to create an identity that would be branded for myself as a designer. The look and feel of your identity is seen across the board from your logo, website, letterhead, invoices, resume, and portfolio.

With all this said, I am starting to do a redesign of my website. I know it will not be an easy task but I want to be better matched with my current identity. In the next couple of weeks, I will be sketching away and researching html and css to make my website look amazing. I will keep the blog updated so you can follow my progress of the redesign of my website.