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30 Jan

Rene Quintanilla posted a wonderful video from about the history of AIGA. I did engage myself to watch it as I have been a member since 2007. I am so amazed at how many things I learned from the video. It is actually inspiring to listen to the designers behind AIGA National and what they hope to do currently and in the future to better serve AIGA members.

I suggest all designers or anyone to check it out.

AIGA|LA Fellows: Speak Easy

29 Jan

Note to Self: Blog after events not a few days later.

I have been attending more and more AIGA|LA events or at least ones I can attend.

January 20th was AIGA Fellows:Speakeasy event and it was absolutely amazing. It was at Palihouse Holloway and it was such a great venue for the event. I must say drinks were not inexpensive. As this was my first Fellows event I did not know what to expect or what was going on. I met up with a few designers that I met from AIGA|LA Behance Meetup. They are such a neat group of of designers.

Fellows is an event where a couple of designers in the Los Angeles area get recognized for their outstanding work as a designer. At a national level, a designer can earn a Medalist for their design achievements. Other than that Fellows is a way to connect with other designers.

I met a couple of freelance designers and got reconnected with Metro Art Director, Michael Lejune.

AIGA LA | Behance Meetup

19 Jan


I am networking my way into AIGA | LA and so far have met some pretty nice designers.

The meetup was at Intelligentsia Café, which was pretty neat spot to have a bunch of designer meet to network and have discussions about design. Met some designers in all aspects of design including Animation, Graphic Design, and Industrial Design as well as a printer.

I had some great conservations with Rene Quintanilla, Mauricio A. Urquilla, Heather Parlato, David Mayes, Lucy Cook, and Art Meier.

Portfolio Sites:

Mauricio A. Urquilla:

Heather Parlato:

David Mayes:

Art Meier:

Be sure to check out some fellow designers portfolio!

Learning Original Post Date 6/30/09

14 Jan
As time became less pertinent, I did stop blogging. While in the course of not blogging, I have learned many things. 

Here is what I learned.

1. Networking
I have been doing a tremendous amount of networking and colleting business cards and applying for internships over the course of months. I even began Networking in my hometown to better myself. Let me tell you, I have come a long way and will continue to network until I am done with school. I started to attend AIGA dMob events in Portland, OR and started talking to the board members of AIGA Portland. Through all of that I was invited to attend the kickoff event of the AIGA Leadership Retreat and met some great designers from around the country from Florida, North Carolina, and New York just to name a few.

2. Show Your Work
As long as people are seing your work, you are beoming a part of a greater picture, the idea of being known. Just by showing your work to friends and family opens a door to a future but also showing your work to art directors will become a great help to you. I have started my Portfolio and have ten pieces that came from it. I will continue to grow my portfolio.

3. The Greatest Obstacle
A few months ago AIPD AIGA started a magazine from scratch. It may not have been the easiest task but it came together and now I know what needs to be changed on how to run it so it is more of a smooth process instead of a trial run to see how it would turn out. We all will learn from our mistakes and from those mistakes you can learn something and do it better the second time around. I cannot wait to see the finished product and to see AIPD AIGA grow to incorporate different majors.

For now that is all I have to say. I will try my hardest to blog more often. I will post some articles I found interesting these past few months so you can see what I have been reading.

Straub Collaborative Original Post Date 8/19/08

14 Jan

I visited Straub Collabrative today which is a Photography Studio in North Portland. I was running late to the Tour but since the Steel Bridge is closed, it takes so much longer to get over the river since we had to take a Shuttle Bus which took longer than ever and walked from Rose Quarter to Straub, quite the day.

We had a tour and sat down and talked to the marketing director. I had a nice discussion with one of the Graphic Designers. We were talking about what could happen to Magazines and Books because of the Green Movement. There is always the possibility of going digital but logically it may not be a realistic decision even though people are already reading at home. We will see what will happen. Let me know your thoughts are on about what will happen to Publication Design.