A New Way to Brainstorm

28 Mar

A New Way to Brainstorm

Good Magazine featured this article about a new way of brainstorming

iam8bit Studio Tour

21 Mar


AIGA Los Angeles hosted a studio tour at iam8bit’s studio in Los Angeles. The outside of the studio looks like a pop up shop and gallery. Their creative abilities do not lie just with clients, but also self-initiated projects and brand entities. A couple of their brand entities include “Most Awesome Party” (a multimedia tentpole collaging television, books, and a web platform together), “Pixel Shifters: (a sci-fi/comedy web series including merchandise and marketing drive), and Nerdcore (indie publishing label). It is a small shop run by Jon Gibson and Amanda White. iam8bit is a creative production company, who are multi-talented whether it be in television productions, creating experiences, shaping ideas, and manufacturing tangibles, and telling stories.

iam8bit has a lot of events that happen throughout the year such as a galleries, pop up stores, and parties at their own studio. Everything they do make them unique.

Be sure to check them out at, follow them on twitter @iam8bit or Facebook.


30 Jan

P & W design blog

Danielle and I (Heather) recently attended an AIGA design event in Los Angeles at the Pacific Design Center where Julie Beeler explained story telling in the 21st Century through interactive media.

Julie Beeler is co-founder of Second Story Interactive studio. Second Story has been recognized as a leader in both online and on-site interactive media design. Clients include Coca-Cola, Chanel, Nike, TED X, National Geographic, University of Oregon, Bank of America, etc.

Julie Beeler-2013-Design For Wonder P&W pemberton whitefoord design graphic award winner

University of Oregon Ford Alumni Center – An interactive installation to allow prospective students visiting the University to learn about the courses available and learn more about what the campus has to offer. Instead of focusing on the past, the center gets visitors excited by focusing on the future.

Julie ‘brought the outside in’. Inspired by the waterfalls of Oregon she used 9 cascading screens to allow the students to explore the departments using information from alumni…

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I Bid Farewell to Professional Series

30 Nov

AIGA Los Angeles had an amazing year with Professional Series. I had a wonderful year being able to produce the series. As a Event Producer, you spend a lot of time talking to all the speakers to get ready for a single event hoping that it goes well and gets the audience to learn something new or even just to broaden your knowledge on a specific topics. AIGA Los Angeles ended the series on November 13, 2012.

All of the speakers brought valuable information to the table to each of the events. The series ended with Margo Chase and Chris Lowery from Chase Design Group. The last event was titled Beauty + the Beast: Balancing Creativity + Business, which told the story of how Chase Design Group has grown over the years and what each of them brings to the business. Margo and Chase are a unique pairing, which makes their business more successful and being able to expand an additional office in New York.

To get an idea of the rest of the year, June we had creatives from In-House Design creative teams from FOX, ABC, and NBC to talk about the experiences of In-House Design. Audiences had the chance to listen to riCardo Crespo (FOX), Pash (ABC), and Michael Hathway (NBC). I must say all of these creatives were quite entertaining and it is a a very fast paced environment for the entertainment industry. Michael Lejeune from Metro moderated the event and also shed some light to Metro’s Creative Team.

March was on The Importance of Studio Culture & Identity with Armen David (Starmen), Braven Greenelsh (La Visual), Candice Brokenshire (Red Barn Coaching), and Michael Stinson (Ramp Creative + Design). Studio Culture and Identity is important when you apply for jobs, since you want to be sure that you can fit with the agency or studio that you are at.

January kicked off the series with The Business of Design in 2012 with Juan Rosenfelt (nuvo TV), Chris Do (Bl:ND, Bryan Neff (Innovation Protocol), Scott Meisse (ferroconcrete), and Wendy Thai (ferroconcrete). This particular topic brought us ideas on how to business of design would be in 2012 and how to make the most for the coming year.

All the topics were very compelling and great to hear from the wonderful panel that we have had the chance to bring on from local studios or in-house creatives. All of the panelists were Creative Directors or higher in the business. 2013 brings in another event that I get to produce, which is Blueprint. I hope it is just as successful as Professional Series.

Adobe Muse: No Code Required

29 May

May 14, 2012 at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, AIGA LA and Adobe sponsored a live tutorial of one of Adobe’s newest pieces of software: Muse. Adobe Muse can be used for a lot of different capacities such as Wire Frames, website creation, hosting, and publishing. It is the first program where you can build a website and not even code a thing. Adobe updates will be more frequent then other Adobe Products and will evolve as time goes by.

Functions of Adobe Muse:

  • Wire Frames
  • Website Building
  • Hosting
  • Publishing
  • Light Boxes
  • Hierarchy of Pages
  • Different Modes to View Pages


These are only a few of the capabilities of Muse. It seems like it would be beneficial to any Graphic Designer who is not coding savvy and only does a few websites throughout the year.

Adobe Muse can be purchased for a yearly monthly rate or just on a month to month basis. If you publish from Adobe Muse, you will not loose your website for not using Muse.

Perk: Sunday Brunch with Debbie Millman

21 May

It is a rare opportunity to get meet well-known designers so I jumped at the chance when I found out that Debbie Millman on Mother’s Day. I have met her previously, at an another AIGA LA event last year, however, this time it was limited to only 12 lucky folks. Debbie Millman brought some great insight to the discussion. I found her very inspiring after being able to listen to the discussion and I have always enjoyed listening to her Design Matters.

Some Tips from Debbie Millman:

1. Always have a contract no matter who it is you are working for if consulting on design work

2. Have a deposit of payment before starting work and a payment at delivery

3. Get a good lawyer for contracts and copywriting

As much as Debbie gave us great advice, we got to learn more about her. She always talked about things that is important her meaning she lived through it at some point in her career and/or life.

For the first ten years, Debbie was actively designing, editing, and painting. In 1993, she took a job in branding and it has stayed in her career ever since. She currently one of the partners and President of the Design Group at Sterling. She also does Design Matters and is the former AIGA National and AIGA New York  President. She has wrote several books such as “How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer”, “Brand Thinking and Other Noble Persuits”, “Brand Bible  The Complete Guide to Building, Designing, and Sustaining Brands”, and other books.

If you in the Chicago area, check out Debbie Millman’s Exhibit at Chicago Design Museum Opening June 11 and  Chicago Design Museum Presents Debbie Millman AIGA Chicago Co-sponsored lecture event on June 13.

10 Lessons from Micheal Bierut

20 Apr

Held at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles on April 19, 2012, AIGA LA proudly presented “Bierut in LA” to a sold out crowd.  Since he had a personal connection to the guest of honor,Michael Lejune introduced Michael Beirut, one of the partners of New York’s Pentagram Studio, to the AIGA Los Angeles Design Community.  Lejune talked about how they met at Harvard, even though they never studied together. While at Harvard, there was only 1 simple rule: everyone was forced to leave his ego behind. Perhaps, it was what gave way to Bierut’s 10 rules, or lessons, that he has learned throughout his career as a designer. Here are Bierut’s 10 Lessons:

Lesson 1: There are no little problems

Lesson 2: Things should be as simple as possible not simpler

Lesson 3: Invention is good, but reinvention is better

Lesson 4: All graphic design is about themes and variations

Lesson 5: If you want to be a problem-solver, you have to love problems

Lesson 6: If you’re digging a hole in the wrong place, making it deeper doesn’t help

Lesson 7: Always include a toy surprise

Lesson 8 The client is your secret weapon

Lesson 9: Make new friends, but keep the old

Lesson 10: Never forget who you’re really working for

Lesson 7 is about always including a surprise toy into a project. This lesson was illustrated through Bierut’s Grand Central Station centennial celebration project.  Planned to be celebrated on February 1, 2013, the centennial committee asked Bierut and his team to design a new logo in commemoration of GCT’s 100 years. Wanting to find something at Grand Central that was immediately identifiable, Bierut identified the iconic clock, which reads 7:13 as the toy surprise. “No matter where you are in the main hall, the clock and the information booth are visible,” says Bierut.  The time has a significant meaning since the Grand Central Station opened in 1913 and can be translated to 7:13 or 19:13 in a trainmaster time.


Lesson 3, a great story about the rebranding of an iconic department store, Saks Fifth Avenue wanted a logo that would be easily recognizable like Tiffany & Co.  Bierut tried different fonts but nothing could be easy enough to stand out. Even though went back to logo(s) that Saks Fifth Avenue had been using all along, he realized that there was one style of the logo that kept recurring through out the years. Dividing the current logo into 64 smaller squares created something new from something current and recognizable. The small squares were also used to create multiple logo variations. Every piece of collateral that was created is the same pattern, which makes every piece of collateral unique.


We would like to send a Huge Thank You to Michael Bierut for sharing his 10 Lessons from his 32 years of design with AIGA Los Angeles. You can also connect with #bierutinla on Twitter to see what other people were saying about the event.

Professional Series: The Importance of Studio Culture and Identity

2 Apr

Hello, I know it has been awhile yet again. I want to share the AIGA Los Angeles blog post on the professional series.

You can find it here:

Be on the lookout for my recap of the event as a Event Producer.

Professional Lecture Series and Distinc Studio Tour

10 Feb

Professional Lecture Series

Professional Lecture Series had a wonderful turn out. There was at least 60-70 people at the event and everyone seemed to be enjoying the lecture moderated by Eduardo Braniff- Imagination The Americas and the Panelists: Juan Rosenfeldt, Creative Director – FreeRange, Chris Do, President and Executive Creative Director – BL:ND, Bryan Neff, Senior Creative Strategist – Innovation Protocol, Scott Meisse, Project Manager – Ferro-concrete and Wendi Thai, Design Manager + Art Director – Ferro-concrete. All the panelists made great point about the business of design for 2012.

Some Good Points:

  1. Nurturing the client
  2. Reset/Star Over button
  3. You do not live without the client
  4. Create the best ideas while collaborating
  5. Mandatory 5pm break
  6. Bonding
  7. Crazy dress up days
  8. Embrace change
  9. Solve the problem
  10. Educating the client about the agencies process
  11. Designer should be the right fit
  12. Give employees the tool

These are just a few of the points that were made by the some of panelists. Each agency brought their own opinion about The Business of Design in 2012. I am looking forward to the next Professional Lecture Series which will be on Culture in March.

Studio Tour- Distinc

I finally made it to my first Studio Tour, which was at Distinc. If you want to take everything you know and throw it out of the window, I suggest checking them out. Distinc’s clients range form LA’s Best After School Enrichment Program, United States Artists, LA Stage Alliance, and many more. Distinc believes in working with causes, because Distinc wants to provide better understanding, better positioning, and better communication. It is a very lengthy process, but in the end the client gets exactly what they are looking for.

Find out more information about Distinc at

Commentary on AIGA Los Angeles Events

25 Jan

Note: I have been extremely busy, which makes me officially a week behind on blogging. I am sure you are all wondering what is happening. My Grandma has been in the hospital for the last week and have been there on a regular basis. She finally got to go home last night, which was amazing and now I will play catch-up. Instead two events will be posted in one due to time constraints.

1/8/12- Onward! Upward! Increasing Your Chances for Success in Your Job Search
I would like to say a huge Thank Thank to AIGA UCLA Extension for putting on the event as well as the host Onward Upward. There was a lot of information provided from how to make your resume awesome to finding the right job through an agency. It has been a long overdue refresher course. You can email me at janette.designer(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like the information I gathered and I would be happy to get it to you. Overall, remember that your cover letter is what sells you and provides the company/agency to get to know you better and what you are capable of.  For your Portfolio, let your work speak for itself. This is just a sample of what I learned and I hope you can learn from it or it may be stuff you already know.

1/19/12- Behance/AIGA Los Angeles Meetup
Networking is awesome when you get bowl with a bunch of designers. It also leads to some competition and a great time to talk to fellow designers. These events would not happend if wasn’t for Michelle and Laurice and their dedication to finding great venues. I call it exploring Los Angeles, because I have little awareness to the entirety of Los Angeles, since I spent the last four years in Portland exploring the bar scene. So it is a ton of fun to go somewhere where you have never been and also a time for networking and fun.

Last Bit: AIGA Los Angeles Professional Series: The Business of Design is kicking off the first event tonight at 6:30pm and I even got to be the Assistant Producer for the event. I do know it will be awesome. I will be there at 5pm setting up with four other volunteers and will be there cleaning up. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

There will be a panel consisting of:

Juan Rosenfeldt, Creative Director/Director of Creative Services at nuvo TV – FreeRange <>
Chris Do, President and Executive Creative Director – BL:ND <>
Bryan Neff, Senior Creative Strategist – Innovation Protocol <>
Scott Meisse, Project & Operations Director – Ferroconcrete <>
Wendy Thai, Design Manager + Art Director – Ferroconcrete <>

Moderator: Eduardo A. Braniff, CEO of Imagination <>  The Americas.

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